Welcome to the Leadership Team Page at Bread of Life Community Church in Clacton on Sea, where each member’s journey and commitment to faith illuminate our collective mission.

Our leaders are not just stewards of our church’s vision but are also passionate advocates for community transformation and gospel outreach.

Here, you’ll discover introductions from each team member that reveal the depth of their faith and their dedication to spreading the Gospel. Learn how their life stories and journeys contribute to our vibrant community, inspiring all of us to live out our faith actively.

Stephen Clayden
Bible Expositor/Pastor

Stephen is a world renowned Bible Expositor and international preacher. He is known for uncompromising hard-hitting Bible teaching, as well as in-depth knowledge in Jewish theology and end times prophecy. Stephen was raised in the Church of England, but gave his life fully to Jesus in 2007, after finally studying the Bible for himself. He is married to Andrea from Canada, who is a singer and also leads our ladies fellowship, and together they have a daughter, with another on the way. Stephen was educated in France and speaks fluent French, as well as some Spanish and Hebrew. He has also served in the British Army.

Tony Clayden

Tony was born and raised in Stansted Essex. He became a Christian in 2007 at the age of 54 after being strongly drawn to the Bible. Ever since, he has had a passion and gift for evangelism and is one of our regular evangelists. Tony is responsible for leading many of our church services, as well as teaching. He spent 18 years living in France and he is fluent in French and Spanish. Tony is also one of the church trustees.

Josh Tann

Josh is one of Bread of Life's young upcoming leaders. He was raised in a Christian family and is the grandson of a Pastor. He has been married since 2020. Since joining this fellowship, Josh has developed fine leadership and pastoral care qualities. He often leads some of our evangelism groups in surrounding towns. He also leads some of our church services and sometimes has the responsibility of teaching. He is known for exposing many of the antichrist movements and agendas in these last days. Josh is also one of the church trustees.

David Huskisson

David has a wealth of experience in the areas of finance and administration from a 45 year career in the public sector. A Christian since the late 80s, he has a long history of ministry service in churches in Rochford in various roles, including deacon and elder. Having retired in 2022, he and his wife Thorn moved to Clacton with an immediate and clear lead from the Lord to this church. Today David is one of our trustees, serves as treasurer and handles most of our administration. He is also active in the areas of evangelism, teaching and prayer, and occasionally plays keyboard in the worship team. Thorn serves on our hospitality team.

Aimée Barnard
Worship Leader

Aimée has been a believer since the early 2000's. She was baptised together with her husband Philip in 2014, and they have three children. Since then, her faith has grown to new depths through each of life's challenges. As well as leading our worship team, Aimée also serves in many other of our departments, including Sunday school and hospitality, as our resident church cake baker.

Vicky Sergeant
Prayer Team

Vicky was born in Germany but has lived in North East Essex for most of her life. She was baptised in 2001. As well as being one of the church trustees, Vicky oversees the prayer life of the fellowship. She leads one of our weekly prayer meetings. She has a sharp gift of discernment, and enjoys operating in the areas of deliverance and healing. Vicky is one of our regular evangelists and also sings in the worship team.

Vadim Pruzhanov
Media/Sound & Visual

Originally from Ukraine, Vadim is a professional videographer and is in charge of anything related to Sound and Visual. He is married to Natalie, who is media assistant. Together they have two daughters. As well as leading our media team, Vadim is also a professional keyboard player and has been a classically trained pianist since the age of 8. He is the former keyboard player of a well known Heavy Metal band. After giving his life to Jesus, Vadim left the music industry and now uses his keyboard talents to glorify God in the Bread of Life worship team.

Philip Barnard
Sunday School

Philip is a creative Sunday School teacher with a passion for bringing the Bible to life and leads our Sunday school department. He has a background in teaching children the word of God and has a particular love for the Hebrew origins of the Bible. He also brings the occasional sermon. He is married to Aimée who assists with Sunday school, as well as the media and worship teams. Together they have three children.

Lynn Clayden

Lynn was born and raised in Rayleigh Essex and has also lived in France. She gave her life to Jesus in 2007, along with her husband Tony. As well as leading our ever growing hospitality team, she assists in many areas of of the practical day to day functioning of the church. She is also one of our regular evangelists.



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